Zone ‘NForcer

The ALL NEW Hawkins Zone ‘NForcer™ expands on the Hawkins family of ‘NForcer™ precision placement fertilizer tools. The Zone ‘NForcer™ row unit is engineered to perform in both fall precision placement and spring strip-till.

Simply Configurable

With dry, gas, or liquid fertilizer placement options, multiple residue opener and coulter options, pneumatic berm discs and conditioning baskets the Zone ‘NForcer™ is easily configured to meet the needs of your operation.

A Cut Above

Multiple options of residue cutting coulters allow you to tailor your machine to your conditions. Spring loaded, Rigid, smooth or rippled, and sizes ranging from 20”-24”.

Durable & Flexible

Heavy-duty 1 ¼”x2” edge bent shanks combined with the 1,200 lb. spring trip design provide consistent depth placement, and tripping capability for unseen obstructions.

Put your money where your plants grow

Fertilizer placement and accuracy are key to profitability and the Zone ‘NForcer™ is designed to help you achieve the best results possible.

  • Liquid, Dry, and NH3 fertilizer placement capability allows tailoring to your input of choice.
  • Standard shank bolt pattern allows for your choice in fertilizer knives, to perfectly match your needs for fertilizer placement and tillage action.
  • Dual placement knife options give plants access to fertilizer at multiple stages of growth

Don't stop, adjust on the fly

The pneumatic adjustable berm discs and baskets can be configured to allow for in-cab control, for quick and easy operator adjustments.


The 18” Pneumatic berm discs mounted on maintenance free hubs are fully adjustable in width, depth and angle to seal and create the perfect berm. For even more control, the adjustable pneumatic down pressure puts on-the-go control in your hands… without a wrench.

Optimize Your Seedbed

The pneumatically adjustable Optimizer baskets give you complete control over the finish of your seedbed, creating the perfect zone to plant into. The 16” diameter cleated baskets are engineered with an open center design to reduce plugging in wet conditions.

Have it your way

With options like flexible row spacings down to 20”, on-row and inter-row configurations, and drawn or mounted toolbars, The Zone ‘Nforcer™ is engineered to be configured the way you want it, so that it can match the needs of your operation.

Mounted Machines

3 point mounted machines are built on the time-tested Hawkins HWT toolbars.

  • High Strength double 7” x 7” tubing welded frame
  • CAT III / IV combination welded hitch
  • 120-degree fold for easy transport
  • 8-degree wing flex to follow field terrain
  • Double Fold available on large scale toolbars
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty

Drawn Machines

Pull type machines, are available in 12–16 row sizes on our pull-type folding frames.

  • 72′′ of rank provides superior residue flow
  • Heavy Duty 6′′x 6′′ Square Tubing
  • Industry leading down-flex (24 Degrees) in wings for consistent depth in the most uneven environments
  • Greaseless primary pivot points for longer life
  • Rigid-Mounted

    • 4 Row 30”/36”/38”/40”

    • 6 Row 30”/36”/38”/40”

    • 8 Row 30”/36”/38”/40”

  • Folding-Mounted

    • 12 Row 30”/36”/38”/40”

    • 16 Row 30”/36”

  • Folding–Drawn

    • 12 Row 30

    • 16 Row 30

  • All available in On-Row & Inter-Row configurations

  • Don’t see what you need?

Already have a toolbar?

If you are interested in utilizing an existing frame, or have an applicator with worn out row units, the Zone ‘NForcer™ can be purchased as row units instead of full machines.

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