Factory to Farm™

More than just delivery from factory to our customers, Factory to Farm™ is our commitment to maintain the quality of products of AGROdeviate companies.

  • Factory Full Assembly & quality check
  • Farm-Site or dealership delivery
  • Product training and review
  • Repair Parts Planning / Delivery
  • On-site warranty registration

Started in 2017 in Kearney, NE, AGROdeviate delivers innovation through the fusion of technology with agronomic and mechanical design to provide purpose-built solutions in coordination with producers regionally specific needs to increase production & profitability.

Holdrege, NE-based Hawkins Ag has been known to Midwest farmers for years for the Hawkins Ditcher and its Corn Reel. AGROdeviate has continued to add to the line of heavy-duty and reliable Hawkins products with strip-till machines like StripCat™ and Zone ‘NForcer™ as well as the CultiMax™ cultivator and the easy-to-use CORE Planter Platform.

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Over 65 years of making rugged tools for Delta and Mid-South Farmers. Proud manufacturers of the Better-Bed-Buildin’ Level Bander and Delta Plow as well as levee plows and other water management tools.

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Located just outside Prague, Czech Republic, Bednar FMT was founded in 1997 with the intent to produce high quality agricultural machines for the world. Today, Bednar FMT exports agricultural products to 35 countries around the world and continues to be a progressive manufacturer of agricultural machinery with specialization in tools for tillage, seeding, fertilizing, and slashing.

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Started in Cherry Valley, AR, Grain Deacon’s easy to install system puts grain bin monitoring at your fingertips and information on your side.

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We Value You and Your Feedback

To us, there’s nothing more important than a personal relationship with our customers.  Whether it’s the farmers who rely on our products to meet their business goals, or our Partners who work to make sure they have the right AGROdeviate products for their customers, we want you to know we’re here for you.

Have feedback on your AGROdeviate products or need a solution that we don’t offer yet? Let us know!  It’s the best way for us to continue to innovate and provide better solutions for your farm.  Fill out the form below with your feedback, and let us know if you would like a follow-up call to talk about your product needs.

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