CORE Planter Platform™

The Hawkins CORE Planter Platform provides an engineered structure with integrated fit-up, regional specific features, and value added accessories to build YOUR Purpose-Built Planter.

A Better High-Speed Planter

The Hawkins StackCORE™ and VertiCORE™ Planter Platforms are designed to keep weight on the wings, without suitcase weights, to prevent the wings floating at high speed. Keith Prothman, Hawkins Design Engineer, explains that design:

What Precision Planting Dealers are Saying:

Designed from the beginning to work with Precision Planting Ready Row Units, Hawkins CORE Planter Platform provides clean routing of all hoses, tubes, and electrical lines. Here’s what Precision Planting dealers are saying about the Hawkins CORE Planter Platform:

“I would recommend Precision Planting dealers to certainly look at Hawkins and see what they have to offer.”Jon Wooters | Turkey Creek Seed Solutions | Elwood, NE

Factory to Farm™

More than just delivery from factory to our customers, Factory to Farm™ is our commitment to service and maintain the quality of products of AGROdeviate companies.

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