Disk Bedders

Heavy residue and tough soil conditions won’t stop the W&A Disk Bedder

Solid Foundation

Gangs are attached to the frame with a wide, heavy-duty steel clamp instead of issue prone u-bolts.

Efficient Framework

The single beam frames high clearance design places the disks behind the toolbar for better soil and residue flow.

Tailor to your operation

Smooth or notched blades, ranging in size from 18″ to 24″ mounted on 1.5″ axles make for a stout and versatile gang.


Residue levels can vary greatly across operations, that’s why we offer additional options for variations in gang setup. Choose the staggered setup to operate in higher residue situations, or opposed setup for normal conditions.



Configurable to your Needs

The W&A Disk Bedder is available in 8 to 16 row assemblies including rugged 3 point mounted rigid, wing fold, and stack fold frames.

  • Rigid
    • 8 row 38″/40″
  • Stacking
    • 12 Row 38″
    • 16 Row 30″
  • Don’t see what you need?


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