Level Bander

Ideal for raised bed farming, maximize efficiency by combining bed building tillage with the benefits of raised seedbed finishing.

The Level Bander is truly Specialized Farm Equipment from W&A Mfg. with configurability to meet the varying conditions of raised bed farming and maximize efficiency by combining the action of bed building tillage with the benefits of raised seedbed finishing.


The aggressive Pulvamizer spiral cutting reel cuts thru stalks, clods, and even hard ground to pulverize, clear weeds, and firm the seedbed.

Open Furrows and Build Beds

Select Buster Bed Shovels for additional tillage as the popular Buster Level Bander. The Heavy Duty buster shovel furrower and adjustable foot piece are mounted to the 7″ x 7″ frame for strength in opening furrows and building seed beds.

Level & Clear Beds

16″ adjustable Root Rooters scalp and clear the top of the bed leaving a warm and moist seedbed.

Clean, Irrigation Ready Furrows

Add adjustable Middle Clean Out attachments to re-form and prep middles as water furrows for in-row irrigation or drainage.

Create Firm and Flat Seedbed

Double rows of rolling baskets with opposite spiraled wear resistant blades smooth and firm beds for planting.

Precision Depth Control

Rugged ratchet adjustable gauge wheels and tires are included on each machine to accurately manage operating height.

Crumbler Option

The optional Diamond Crumbler replaces the standard Pulvamizer reels. Heavy duty bearings, twisted square bars and large overall diameter makes the crumbler ideal for handling heavy soils.

Configurable to your Needs

W&A Level Banders and Buster Level Banders are available in 4 to 16 row assemblies including rugged 3 point mounted rigid, wing fold, and stack fold frames.

  • Rigid
    • 4 Row 30″ – 40″
    • 6 Row 30″ – 40″
    • 8 Row 30″ – 40″
  • Folding
    • 8 Row 36″ – 40″
    • 12 Row 30″
  • Stacking
    • 12 Row 36″ – 40″
    • 16 Row 30″
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