New Products


Hawkins VertiSTRIP™

The VertiSTRIP™ is the ultimate tool for residue management, seedbed preparation, and fertilizer incorporation. Its unique design combines the unique benefits of strip tillage and vertical tillage principles, giving you the ultimate high-speed, dual season, easy to use, in-cab adjustable seedbed management tool available today.

W&A Pulvamizer

The W&A Pulvamizer is the ultimate in raised seedbed refreshing and finishing creating an ideal firm and flat seedbed to maximize the performance of your planter.

W&A Watermizer

Whether you need to create new furrows for even water distribution irrigation in wheat, beans, or rice, quickly clean out furrow bottoms after a heavy rain, or maintain furrows for effective water movements out of fields, the Watermizer is the tool.

W&A Delta Furrow Plow

Don’t let soggy, wet fields mess up your schedule.

With over 85 years of working with Delta farmers, we want to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. The Delta Furrow Plow helps you efficiently and reliably get water off the field to keep you on schedule.

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