Field Proven

With decades of 3 pt. mounted rigid, folding and stacking toolbar experience, the RigiCORE Planter Platform is built for the long haul.

Hitch & Go

Welded Category 3 hitches on the RigiCORE are standard and plenty stout, but if you are looking for more compatibility, the massive dual CAT 3 and 4N hitch is available, allowing quick tractor swaps and hookups with no worry of your tractor hitch setting.

Smart Design

Integrated frame-vacuum, simple wiring, and incorporated electrical and hydraulic routing features, eliminates the mess common to many high tech planters.

No Guesswork

Engineered design accommodates all of your electrical components, making install possible with simple hand tools. No more designing, fabricating, welding or painting to mount all of your technology.

Precision Depth Control

Rugged adjustable gauge wheels and tires are included on each machine to accurately manage operating height.

Ready when you are

Precision Planting Ready Row Units are built to accept the Precision Planting technology and products that you need, so that you can build the planter that you want.

Hit the ground running

With features such as 20|20 monitoring, DeltaForce hydraulic downforce, CleanSweep row cleaner control, vSet2 electric drive seed meters, you can head to the field with confidence knowing you’ve given yourself the best odds to perform.

  • Cast Iron Row Unit
  • 14″ parallel arms
  • 16″ Disk openers
  • 11″ of row unit travel
  • Gauge wheel options – 3″ or 4.5″
  • Optional gauge wheel scrapers
  • Closing wheel options- rubber, cast iron, or none (add aftermarket)
  • Universal faceplate – many row cleaner and fertilizer coulter options
  • Manufactured in AGCO’s Beloit, KS factory, a state of the art facility which is ISO 9001 certified for meeting strict quality standards
  • DeltaForce
  • vSet- mini hoppers or 1.9bu hopper
  • vDrive
  • vDrive Insecticide
  • BullsEye
  • WaveVision
  • SpeedTube
  • FurrowJet
  • vApplyHD
  • Keeton
  • CleanSweep
  • SmartFirmer
  • mSet
  • FurrowForce

Already have row units?

The CORE Planter Platform is also available less row units. Offering all of the same smart design features, and functionality to make your purpose-built planter plans a reality.

  • Hawkins Grey (Standard)
  • Tractor Red
  • Tractor Green
  • Tractor Blue
  • Black

Match to Your Operation

The RigiCORE Planter Platform is available in many different row spacings, from narrow row to wide row offerings in standard industry spacings. Also if you have custom needs for specialty spacing the RigiCORE is adaptable to be built to your custom specifications.

  • Rigid
    • 4 Row 30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 6 Row 30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 8 Row 30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 12 Row 20″/22″
  • Don’t see what you need?
    • Call 1-308-708-8185 or Email, and we will look at options we can offer to create your ideal StripCat™.

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