Bednar Atlas™

Bednar Atlas™

Heavy-Residue. High-Speed. High-Output.

High-Speed Tillage Solution

The Bednar Atlas™ solves many of the issues other high-speed tillage machines experience. With a disc layout to prevent the machine from pulling to the side to wider spacing between disc rows to prevent trash from clogging in between, the Atlas is the solution to your high-speed tillage problems.

Stay On Track

Unlike other high-speed tillage machines, the Atlas’s X-mounted disc orientation helps the machine to run truer and limits side-to-side drifting.

Room to Throw

The increased distance between the discs and the high-clearance frame allows more room for material flow and processing, allowing you to run at higher speeds in heavy residue conditions.

Narrow Transport

With a folded width of 9’9″ and a wide transport axle, the Atlas is sure to make your transport time from field to field more stable and safer for you and everyone else on the road.

Sizing up the Competition

The front chopping reel is a game changer when it comes to mixing and burying heavy field residue. The additional horizontal cut process chops up residue before any soil is worked, allowing you to effectively process your highest yielding crops, reduce plugging, and increasing residue breakdown.

Hassle Free

The front chopper reel is hydraulically adjustable from the cab, letting you stay in your seat and make adjustments on the fly. The reel is also mounted on rubber torsion springs to help protect against shock loading, and increase reel and bearing life.

Quality Work in All conditions

The aggressive compound angle of the large 24″ concave discs provide intensive mixing of crop residue with the soil. And with operating depths from 2.5″ up to 6″ deep you have the capability of both heavy primary tillage, as well as secondary seedbed preperation.

Keep it Flowing

With a disc spacing of 10″, and large clearance between the front and rear ranks, high residue or wet field conditions are less likely to clog between discs. That means more time tilling and less time worrying about making a mess in your fields even in bad conditions.

Maintenance-free Bearings

The massive sealed disc bearings are maintenance free, keeping you in the cab, and covering more ground.

Keep the Pressure On

Heavy-duty springs on each disc keep consistent down pressure in hard soils and protects in rocky terrain. The unique FlexiBox mounting system absorbs disc vibrations and keeps your blades running true thanks to the horizontal spring-loaded design.

Knock it Down

Large spring tines mounted between the disc gangs knock down and even out material flow ahead of the rear discs allowing you to hit higher speeds and still effectively mix and bury.

Finish It Off

Getting your optimum seedbed environment is in your reach with the Bednar Atlas™. With multiple different finishing packer and roller options you can make sure you level off, consolidate and leave a great field finish to help maximize your germination and emergence.

Crush it

In extremely hard and cloddy conditions, the optional rear crush bar helps to break up clods and level the soil ahead of the rear rollers.

Consolidate your seedbed

With three different options of packing and finishing systems you can customize your Atlas to your conditions. Whether you are looking to pack, consolidate, or level off the field, there is an option for you.

Tube Packer

Weight: 74lbs/ft
Diameter: 25″

A traditional packer with massive steel rods that provide standard crumbling effect.

Road Packer

Weight: 146lbs/ft
Diameter: 24″

A packer from hard natural rubber suitable for all soil conditions with very low tack.

Atlas Cutpacker Tube

Cutpack Packer

Weight: 149lbs/ft
Diameter: 25″

A heavy steel packer with high cutting capability suitable for heavy soils.

Get it in the Dirt

The massive welded frame on the Atlas is robust and built to last and provides plenty of weight for better penetration in extreme conditions.

Turn Around

The integrated rear axle is placed mid frame to decrease turning radius, making it very maneuverable in the field and on the road.

Float On

The large dual tires on the front of the Atlas work with the rear finishing tools to set your in-field depth. The dual tire design provides plenty of flotation for working in the wettest field conditions.

Stay in the Cab

Most operations can be controlled from the cab simply with your tractor’s SCVs. For complete control from the tractor cab, you can upgrade to the simple display for full machine control from the comfort of your seat.


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