Tillage Equipment

We offer many different types of tillage equipment to fit the needs of your operation. Check out all of our options below.

Hawkins StripCat™

The StripCat™ is a one-pass residue, nutrient, and seedbed management system engineered to provide the soil consistency of conventional and vertical tillage, with the conservation aspects of no-till. All this is achieved while allowing you to band and maximize your nutrient efficiency, giving you a greater return on investment.

Hawkins VertiSTRIP™

The VertiSTRIP™ is the ultimate tool for residue management, seedbed preparation, and fertilizer incorporation. Its unique design combines the unique benefits of strip tillage and vertical tillage principles, giving you the ultimate high-speed, dual season, easy to use, in-cab adjustable seedbed management tool available today.

Hawkins Precision Tillage Accessories

We understand that sometimes the best machine you can have, is the one without payments. This doesn’t mean you should have to settle for less performance though. Outfit your current machine with these accessories and save time & money, while increasing your performance.

Hawkins Ditcher

The standard by which all are measured, the Hawkins Ditcher creates a clean & flat bottom furrow to maximize water distribution.

W&A Watermizer

Whether you need to create new furrows for even water distribution irrigation in wheat, beans, or rice, quickly clean out furrow bottom after a heavy rain, or maintain furrows for effective water movements out of fields, the Watermizer is the tool.

Hawkins Cultimax™

Herbicide resistance, fertilizer placement, organic production, soil aeration… no matter the why, we have the how… the Hawkins CultiMax™ Row Cultivator.

W&A Delta Plow™

With over 65 years of history working with farmers in the Delta, we have been working to provide you with the best tools for your farm. The Delta Plow™ delivers the perfect pairing of 65 years of Mid-South farming knowledge with the latest in technology. The Delta Plow™ is the ultimate tool for bedding.

W&A Level Bander

The Level Bander is truly Specialized Farm Equipment from W&A Mfg. with configurability to meet the varying conditions of raised bed farming and maximize efficiency by combining the action of bed building tillage with the benefits of raised seedbed finishing.

W&A Pulvamizer

The W&A Pulvamizer is the ultimate in raised seedbed refreshing and finishing creating an ideal firm and flat seedbed to maximize the performance of your planter.

W&A Rolling Bedmaker

The W&A Bedmaker simply combines multiple jobs into a single pass saving moisture and preparing for planting by forming uniform furrows and an elevated seedbed that is rolled, packed, and sealed.

W&A PTO Ditcher

Whether you are putting in a simple quick ditch, or miles of drainage, the W&A PTO ditcher is the tool for the job.

W&A Levee Plows

With decades of experience serving the needs of Rice and Soybean farmers for levee building, W&A has the experience and the diverse levee plow lineup to fit your needs.

W&A Delta Furrow Plow

Make quick work of getting that standing water out of your field with the Delta Furrow Plow.

Bednar Atlas

High-speed, high-residue, high-performance tillage. The Bednar Atlas is the ultimate tool for sizing, burying, and finishing… all at high speed.

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