Tough and Dependable residue, nutrient, and seedbed management system.


The StripCat™ is a One-pass residue, nutrient, and seedbed management system engineered to provide the soil consistency of conventional and vertical tillage, with the conservation aspects of no-till. All this is achieved while allowing you to band and maximize your nutrient efficiency, giving you a greater return on investment.

Rugged & Reliable

Triple-lip sealed bearings in the massive parallel arms are made to handle the roughest environments, and the wrench free down-pressure adjustment is quick and simple to adjust to your conditions.

Follow the Land

Independent depth wheels on each row follow the ground surface effortlessly no matter the terrain, allowing you to till and place your nutrients where they belong.

Slice right through

20″ notched coulters easily cut through your tough residue, and won’t stop turning like most smooth discs in damp soils and conditions.

Clear the Way

Poor residue management is costly, and problems like poor emergence due to hairpinned residue in your strips is avoidable with the easy to adjust row cleaners on the StripCat™.

Move residue, not your Soil

The unique offset disc design independently clears residue to each side of the strip, while the exclusive finger shaped concave disc removes residue from the strip while leaving your soil in place.

Great Emergence, Great Roots, Great Yields.

Yield-limiting seedbed variability can be overcome by shattering compaction, breaking up clods, and creating a more consistent subsoil environment. The StripCat™ does just that, creating the perfect environment for your seeds to grow, and your yields to flourish.

Adaptable to your needs

The StripCat™ features a thin profile point with an aggressive foot that requires less HP to pull while still creating an ideal seedbed for plant roots to thrive.



Banding Efficiency

Why spread fertilizer across the entire field if we are only planting rows every couple feet? Don’t. StripCat™ gives you the ability to band Dry, Liquid, and Gas fertilizers right where the plant’s roots are going to need them, letting you minimize your inputs and maximize your yields.

Hydraulic Auto-Reset

Rocky conditions don’t phase the StripCat™ when equipped with the smooth acting, hydraulic auto-reset system. Simply set a single point trip pressure and go to work knowing you are protected.

To the Rescue

In recent years, we’ve faced a great amount of volatility in our weather. If you find yourself in a situation where wet conditions or timing don’t permit the use of a knife, our coulter replacement option can bolt right in place of the knife to save the day.


Creating a picture-perfect, consistent berm is second-nature for the StripCat™. Individually mounted, spring loaded way coulters catch, contain and shape soil into the perfect berm. Aggressively mixing the soil in the top few inches of the seedbed increases pore space and optimizes soil tilth for better infiltration and plant emergence.

Match Your Needs

We know your conditions vary, and you need a machine that is easily adaptable to your conditions. Angle, width, depth, stagger and down-pressure adjustment are all possible with the StripCat™, making it ideal for meeting the needs of your operation.

High-Efficiency Seedbeds

Creating a clod free, uniform seedbed finish is essential for efficient high-speed planting and uniform emergence. The StripCat™ has multiple options to help maximize your planter pass, emergence and ultimately your yield.

Fit Your Farm

With three different options available, the StripCat™ can be tailored to your soils and your seedbed finishing needs.  Fine tune the performance with the easy access, adjustable down-pressure spring.

Iron Tires


Rolling Basket

Packing Wheels

  • Rigid
    • 4 Row 20″/22″/30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 6 Row 20″/22″/30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 8 Row 20″/22″/30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 12 Row 20″/22″
  • Folding
    • 12 Row 30″/36″/38″/40″
    • 16 Row 30″
  • Don’t see what you need?
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